Cottle Family

An American family of 4 happily shared their home and their love with two women from Ukraine and a child who had surgery in the US. This is a big responsibility for the host family, which they were not afraid of.

Heaslet Family

An incredible family of five hosted a Ukrainian woman with a child. This mom and kid fled their city under gunfire, slept in the car and couldn’t find food. Your donations via UaWelcome helped them to bring them to the US. Thanks to their host family, Liza went to school, and her mom successfully completed all the documents and became a part of the UAWelcome Team. Watch the video to meet them and their American host family.

Ilarraza Family

A lovely family of five shared their home, food, care, and love with a Ukrainian mother with a child and her sister. Thanks to them, the boy went to school, and his mother and her sister successfully completed all the documents for a future life in the USA.

McCoy Family

A lovely McCoy family of five hosted a Ukrainian family with two small children who had fled the war. For four months they became one big international family. You can find their story in the post.